Favourite Five: Lyon Tide

Favourite Five: Lyon Tide

What’s your favourite song from our Hall of Fame?

“Oh, OK, you’re kicking straight off with the impossible questions; there are a so many great artists we’ve discovered through the CoolTop20 on so many different levels, HOL, Sophie Dorsten, Lewca, Nomden, we could fill the page listing them but one of the tracks that really stands out to us collectively is ‘Astronaut’ by Red Barnett, really like that one and it has a very nice timeless feel to it.”

What’s your favourite Cool20 Playlist?

“Apart from the actual CoolTop20 playlist that changes and regenerates each week, we’d have to say that The INDIE Chill Vibes 2021 is our go to playlist especially when we are at work, pushing pixels and doing our day jobs, it’s quite soothing and helps the creative juices flow.”

What’s your all-time favourite album?

“Again, it’s virtually impossible to name just one album but we can give you three albums that, for us, have achieved the holy grail of musicianship in the sense that every single track on the album is a potential hit. That is an aspiring achievement in itself. So, in no particular order:
The Origin – The Origin
Trashcan Sinatras – Cake
Keane – Hopes And Fears

What’s your favourite album from 2021?

“Hmm, not exactly an album in the conventional sense but we are in love with every single track released by The Maias so far, who like ourselves, started out on their musical journey in 2021. If they remain on this trajectory, we’ll be adding their album to the Holy Grail list of albums above. Punchlove are also second to none with their 2021 EP release, ‘Terminal’ and of course there’s Lines Of Flight who are releasing their album one track at a time each month which is definitely the way to go to maintain a consistent interest in their music. A big mistake we now feel we made was releasing two singles and then a full album which saw a massive spike upon release and then a decline in interest over the past couple of months as we have not released any new content since May. Next year, we will be taking Line of Flight’s approach and go for a monthly single release.”

What’s your favourite Movie Soundtrack?

“Difficult one, that, because most movie soundtracks have a couple of tracks that might blow you away and the others are very skippable. However, either Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet OST or The Beach OST are probably the ones we would go for as they are the most timeless and have the least ‘skippable’ tracks on them.”

And since this is our first Favourite Five interview let’s just throw in a bonus question. What are your favourite lyrics?

“Finally an easy one to answer 🙂 That has got to be ‘Lost A Friend’ by James.”