Favourite Five: Rufusking

Favourite Five: Rufusking

First: many thanks for inviting us to do the ‘Impossible5’. Let’s go!

1. What’s your favourite song from the current Cool Top 20?

“We really like ‘Receipts’, another instant classic from Sophie and Alex Dorsten. Great song, great artists!”

2. What’s your favourite song from the Hall of Fame? (Timo, guitar/vocals)

“We are very honoured to be included on this epic list with great songs and artists. It’s almost impossible – come on, there is over 25 hours of great music here – but I really like ‘Hangman’ of the fantastic Van Tastik!”

“But then we are not giving the well-deserved credits to artists and bands like Sophie Dorsten, Nomden, Umbrellabirds, Lyon Tide, The Jobs, Skylar Nevaeh, Dizzy Panda, Leigh Thomas, Bertolf, JB Meijers…”

“It’s also very nice to see that the Cool Top 20 connects artists and bands from all over the world. It feels like being part of a great and happy community!”

3. What was your favourite album growing up? (Sander, drums)

“There are actually two answers to this question. When I was a teenager, my brother and his friends brought home music that was totally new to me. This was mostly heavy metal, grunge and punk. So that was my first experience with bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, NOFX, Lagwagon, and so on. Very important to me as a teenager was Nirvana. If I had to choose, the ‘Nevermind’ album was the soundtrack of life during puberty.”

“On the other hand, my father was really into jazz. His cd collection consisted of all the great and well known jazz artists. There was one album specifically that was our family’s favourite whenever we had something to celebrate or on any other occasion when my parents opened a bottle of wine. This was a compilation album of Stan Getz. Because the front of this album displayed a saxophone and some confetti, we used to call this ‘the confetti cd’.”

4. What’s your all-time favourite song? (Gabriel, guitar)

“That’s actually a quite brutal request, to choose just one song. I enjoy listening to lots of melodious and strong guitar anthem songs, like ‘Kashmir’ (Led Zeppelin), ‘Reach Down’ (Temple of the Dog) and vast parts of the Jimmy Page, Sabbath and AC/DC repertoires. But also the hypnotizing ‘I Put A Spell On You’ (CCR), heaps of Rolling Stones and Allman Brothers songs and not to forget Warren Haynes and his ‘Worried Down With The Blues’ (Gov’t Mule) are unforgettable. Buddy Guy’s ‘Born To Play Guitar’ could be my all-time favorite song, because of the memory of meeting Buddy for a signature in London after he played this song and the thought of what this all-time legend has meant to so many rock generations.”

“However, my all-time favorite must be Pearl Jam’s ‘Black’, as played live in Berlin’s Wuhlheide 2010. It was the epic crown of an epic evening with 30.000+ goose-bump covered PJ lovers. Wow.”

5. What’s your favourite artwork? (Jan, bass)

“Another impossible question, choosing just one… I’ve always been a fan of simplicity, using few elements to convey a story or meaning. To me the most obvious example that comes to mind is ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ by Pink Floyd. ‘Unknown Pleasures’ by Joy Division is also great in this regard.”

“Looking at more elaborate designs, I really like ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ by The Beatles and ‘Innerspeaker’ by Tame Impala.”