Favourite Five: Lyon Tide

Favourite Five: Lyon Tide

Let’s do another round of Favourite Five, this time of your own music…

What’s your favourite song?

“Aah, one we haven’t released yet. However, out of the tracks we have released so far, it would have to be ‘Gold’, track 6 from our album.”

What’s your favourite album?

“The one we haven’t made yet.”

What are your favourite lyrics?

“Again, probably ‘Gold’ out of the tracks we have released so far, but there are some new tracks yet to be released that we are very proud of in terms of lyrics plus the upcoming collaboration track, written by us and sang by our guest singer, Julia Faulks, has some really nice, deep and meaningful lyrics to it too.”

What’s your favourite artwork?

“So far, probably the artwork for our debut single, ‘Closure’.”

What’s your favourite music video?

“So far, it has to be the video to ‘Someone’, it’s quite cinematic and tells a story relevant to the track’s lyrics.”