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Maya Bern

Yes! Another week, another chart update! Here’s TOP20 2023 wk03. We had to make some difficult choices. The tracks by Paul Allen, B.Hamilton, The Bedlam Furnaces and The Trusted can be found in the Spotify HALL OF FAME playlist where they will grow old. After 6 weeks at the top spot we have chosen another #1. Congratulations Maya Bern!

New entries

We have 4 new entries in the TOP20 this week. We’ve selected the tracks: at #14 we find ‘Won’t Be Around’ by Terry Blade (Fink meets Isaac Hayes). At #15 “Some Fantastic (War)” by Indifferentmonkey, the first winners of our weekly contest Vote4Fav. At #17 “Silky” by Voldo and Invisible Squirrel, both newcomers in the TOP20, although we all know who is behind the Invisible Squirrel, don’t we? And at #20 “Old Man of the Sea” by vocal harmony trio The Lost Trades, another newcomer in the TOP20.

Bonus tracks

And again 5 brilliant new bonustracks, selected with a little help from our friends Jan (radio de Schans), Sara (inthebucketplaylist) and our spotlight artist: Maya Bern from Turkey, Istanbul. All tracks are of course worth a listen (and again….and again…)!

There is more

Yes, we receive between 300 and 800 new submissions every week. And a lot of them are knocking on TOP20’s door. We surely miss a few gems every week, some just need a little more time to grow. Our (long) shortlist now consists of 60 tracks and 30 of the artists involved have had a track in the cooltop20 before. So, help us out. Checkout our spotify playlists for more and your tips are always welcome. Our favourite 100 tracks of the month end up in the Montly Mixtape. Here’s the last one.

Enjoy the weekend. Enjoy the music! And don’t forget….tell your friends. mum, dad, colleagues. Tell them about the great music you have discovered. Indie artists deserve our support. Thanks you Indies for the wonderful music!

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