Top20 2024 wk13

Top20 2024 wk13
1 ⬆️-The Kids Are TalkingThe Cavs 🆒11
2 ⬆️-ChildrenEderlezi 🆒12
3 ⬆️-Bright MorningAfter Geography13
4 ⬆️-Love is RealFerris & Sylvester14
5 ⬆️-Dig A Little DeeperThe Mease 🆒15
6 ⬆️-Stop TryingSubterranean Street Society16
7⬆️-Tested WatersLoupe17
8⬆️-GlueAbout Bunny 🆒18
9⬆️-FailureJack Francis 🆒19
10⬆️-CrankCoastal Fire Dept. 🆒110
11⬆️-ProofDenny Lloyd 🆒111
12⬆️-Meet Me at the End of the WorldTrapper Schoep 🆒112
13⬆️-Losing It Dorsten 🆒113
14⬆️-Love You AnywayMargo Cassidy114
15⬆️-Staring At The SunTransmission Suite115
16⬆️-My Mama Told MeMichelle Daly116
17⬆️-This Girl's NameAndelecto117
18⬆️-AwokenThe Future Us 🆒118
19⬆️-RAGIN' BULLLouis and the Shakes119
20⬆️-No more self sabotageAtari Pilot 🆒120