Sophie Dorsten - whisper in the dark

We have updated the chart. Here is the TOP20 2023 wk01. We have spend some time in updating the website the last couple of weeks. It still needs some further improvement, but we will get there!

To name a few new features:

  • The chart history can now be found at the website in the Chart-Archive. We will add the older charts there in the future too.
  • If we have published an article of an artist (spotlight) or track (release talk), you can find this by clicking ‘the paperclip icon’.
  • The chart will also be visible at an artist or track post (here’s an example).
  • You can listen to a track by clicking. Spotify gives you a 30sec preview of the track.
  • The artwork of the #1 spot in the top20 will feature on the webpage.

In the meantime we have listened to many new indie releases and it is getting harder and harder to pick our favourite tracks for a spot in the cooltop20.

But we have made our choice! The first week of 2023 kicks off with Sophie and Alex Dorsten at the top spot for another week. Their single “Whisper in the Dark” also ended at #1 in the TOP175 of 2022.

Four tracks and the five bonustracks have been added to our Hall of Fame Spotify playlist (listen here) and four new top20 tracks enter the TOP20 chart.

Our picks for this week:

We have selected the new releases of Joe Adhemar, The Named Drivers (of which Alan Grierson is a familiar name for us. His single ‘Otherside’ was in the Top20 back in 2021), The Trusted and JONSAW. And many good tracks are lined up in our (long) shortlist for a possible spot next week.

We have also added 5 new bonustracks. With a little help from our friends Jan (radio de Schans), Sarah (inthebucketplaylist) and The Height. All tracks are worth a listen!

Have a good weekend. Enjoy the music!

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