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New Release: Kaatii

Sometimes COOL Listeners send us some music they really like. Tylou [@tgaudin] attended us to the music of 13 year old Kaatii (Anna Katherine). She is an independent artist from Dallas, USA. The song was co-written by Kara Connolly who Tylou is a fan of and I can see why. The melody of the song 'Swept Up' is catchy and stays in your mind. Kaatii will soon cross 10k listeners […]

todayAugust 14, 2020 19

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Alvinos Zavlis – Sexy pasta and Korean Film

Alvinos Zavlis is an artist/music producer from Cyprus, based in the UK. He composes and produces mostly electronic music that he puts out under his name, while also producing hip hop, RnB and other genres he enjoys for other artists. The music he releass under his own name is usually dark and experimental. His main goal is to become the best music producer in the world, produce and develop his […]

todayAugust 8, 2020 110

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Zachte Chokotof – Wallican ft. Marie With Bun

Wallican is a 23 year old lofi producer living in Belgium. He only started making music when he was 18, but hasn’t stopped since then. In the last year he released 2 albums and is on his way to release many more.  He met singer/songwriter Marie With Bun on Twitter. She's a very talented girl with a unique voice. It was a collaboration bound to happen that just needed the […]

todayAugust 1, 2020 66

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Sugar Parks – Strange World

Sugar Parks is a singer/songwriter from a small town in Southern California called Newbury Park. She always loved music and would sing and play around on a keyboard, but her family couldn’t afford lessons. She went up to San Francisco for college, studied Psychology and took a guitar class as an elective. When she graduated, she moved down to Los Angeles for a relationship that didn’t work out. The songwriting […]

todayJuly 25, 2020 17

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Grace Can’t Play Guitar – Crazy Daze

Meet Mr. Chris Payne and Tyler from the duo/band Grace Can't Play Guitar. The two friends from Brighton collaborated on various music projects together and gave it a spin for a whole new non-genre specific sound! They have played together before in the late '80's in an IndiePunk band called LaBastion, during which time they played around the circuit of pubs in Sussex performing both covers and original songs and […]

todayJuly 18, 2020 56

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Sophie Dorsten – Phasin’

Sophie Dorsten - Phasin'. Sophie Dorsten is an Indie/Folk singer-songwriter born and raised in the Phoenix, Arizona area. She has been singing her unique sound around the Valley since she was 9 years old when she started in a band with her brothers for a couple of years. After the band broke up, she taught herself guitar and started songwriting. Sophie has released several EP’s and singles since she was […]

todayJuly 11, 2020 16

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Chozen G – Oblivious

The inspiration behind “Oblivious” is to creatively express how being “Oblivious to the outside world” is actually a good thing. When you focus on yourself and go within and don’t get distracted by outside noise and negativity, you can learn to master yourself and create positive change. 3 unique styles were blended to convey their take on what it means to be “Oblivious.” The primary vocalist and guitarist on “Oblivious” […]

todayJuly 4, 2020 54