Best of 2020 – Umbrellabirds

Best of 2020 – Umbrellabirds

What was your most streamed song in 2020?

Rhododendrons‘, closely followed by ‘I Am All’.​ Those were the two “singles” from the album (Closing Ceremony). ‘I Am All’ was recently played a couple of times by the legendary DJ Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music – which has really given it a boost!

What’s your favourite song in the Cool 20 Hall of Fame?

There’s a lot of great stuff on there, but our top three (in no particular order) would be HOL – ‘Sunset Kids’, Sophie Dorsten – ‘Phasin‘, and GHST MDRN – ‘The Depths‘.

What are your plans for 2021?

We are in the midst of writing our next album (working title: UB3!). We’ve been writing and recording demos. Lots of fragments and ideas floating about. So, with hope, the album will start to take shape over the coming months, and – tentatively – we might start recording in the second half of the year.