Best of 2020 – GHST MDRN

Best of 2020 – GHST MDRN

What was your most streamed song in 2020?

My most streamed song of 2020 was former Cool Top 20 #1 ‘The Depths‘ which just topped 3K!

What’s your favourite song in the Cool 20 Hall of Fame?

That’s too hard there’s so many great ones! I think I’d have an easier time with a top 20. I’m gonna cheat and give you a top 3: HOL – ‘No Doubt‘, Sophie Dorsten – ‘Roses‘, Tube Amp 101 – ‘Influence Me‘. And an honourable mention to The Electorate – ‘A Good Man‘ which I just discovered and love.

What are your plans for 2021?

Early next year I’ll be releasing an EP after a couple more single releases. Currently I’m in the early stages putting together an album of alternate mixes of my songs with a bunch of guest vocalists, which will follow the EP. I’m also planning on recording the next RIVER OF KINGS album/EP in the next month, so lots of stuff coming your way in 2021.