Best of 2020 – Brass Monkey

Best of 2020 – Brass Monkey

What was your most streamed song in 2020?

My most streamed song was ‘Breadline’, though ‘Nowhere’ has just taken over for most daily streams.

What’s your favourite song in the Cool 20 Hall of Fame?

Best Part of Me’ by Madison Olds. An emotional song with deep lyrics.

What are your plans for 2021?

I have 3 singles to release in 2021, before I try to get an album recorded. The upcoming singles are ‘Miracle’ to be released early January at the latest, ‘Another Day’ in April and ‘Dance’ in July. ‘Another Day’ is a bluesy grunge inspired rock track like my first two singles, but the other two are a completely different direction. ‘Miracle’ is a love ballad and ‘Dance’ is a dance track.

I’m also playing my first ever major headline gig at Riverside 2, Newcastle on Saturday April 17.