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TOP20 2024 wk 26

1↔️ 1Nine Lives 🏆Jon Allen41
2⬆️5Kiling For FunSubterranean Street Society32
3⬇️2I Need Your LoveThe Howlers 🕶️82
4⬆️8I was youngRobi Mitch 🕶️34
5⬆️1021st Century ManJack Francis 🕶️25
6⬇️3Flaws of a CircleLoupe63
7⬆️11Why Do You WaitVinyl Station27
8⬆️9Sail Away With MeThe Vaulted Skies48
9⬇️4I Was 22 🏆The Usual Boys101
10⬇️6SunchaserDelta Sleep66
11⬆️18NapoliNomad Disco211
12⬆️14So HighThe Mease 🕶️312
13⬇️7Too Much or Not Enough? 🏆Candid101
14🆕🌟-Self DestructThe Trusted 🕶️114
15⬆️20We Woke The MonsterShoun Shoun 🕶️215
16⬇️12EasyForre Sterra104
17🆕-Teddy Had a TemperIvory Lake 🕶️117
18🆕-Breaking IceLyon Tide 🕶️118
19⬇️13Kind & CruelTHAMES69
20⬇️17Awfully CivilisedBroken Bear 🕶️317